Copyright-moral and immoral

Here’s a few reasons why you don’t want to copy my content-this includes all images and text.

1) Copying/plagiarising is bad karma. Unless you want to want to come back as a maggot feeding on a dog’s wound in your next life, do not risk it. (And I’m Hindu, so I know what I’m talking about.)

2) Your friends will never believe you wrote it. (All those foreign-sounding words. Since when do you speak German/Hindi/Spanish/Marathi?)

3) Even if they do believe you for all of 30 secs, they’ll soon forget about it and revert to taking the piss out of you.

4) Agreed. I can’t do much even if you do decide to go ahead and copy. But I can always send a nasty spell your way and make sure that the words, as soon as they are copy-pasted onto your website/blog turn into hhfgofhdzbvish328mzxbd’//acksjjdk, in other words, gibberish.

5) Finally, here’s what the wise old man of Oleshnya said to assert his moral copyright over all that is written or photographed on this website.

“What you don’t get by your own work, you don’t have.”

So there!







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