About Fernweh. And the Frau.

fernwehWhat do you call that faraway feeling you get when you’re cooped up in your cubicle staring into an excel sheet and the picture of a pristine beach leaves you awash with memories? Fernweh. That’s what.

You might want to thank the Germans for this one. Two simple words brilliantly joined together to explain an abstract feeling that perhaps no other language has come up with.

Fern-far and weh-longing. So, a longing for faraway places.

This word captures the essence of this blog. I’m a Frau (woman), who speaks German, has lived in Germany, suffered intense Heimweh (Heim-home, weh-longing=longing for home), and  used all those experiences to travel and then some.

I work a freelance schedule teaching German and English, and I travel every opportunity I get. I’m the Fernweh Frau-the woman with a constant longing for faraway places. I can safely say, I’m a struggling travel writer, not because I struggle to write, but because I have nowhere to go with my writing. Hence, an attempt at this blog, thanks to some hugely encouraging friends.

I’m also a polyglot of sorts and speak English (you don’t say!),  German, Spanish, Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, a smattering of Gujarati and Tamil, and enough Arabic to get around anywhere in Oman.  So this blog may contain some accounts of my adventures with these languages. Look under the ‘language adventures’ section.

The Fernweh Frau

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